Gear Calculator

30 April 2021

Spur - Helical Gear Torque and Size Calculator.

Ondrives have updated our exisitng Gear Calculator, we have offered a quick reference for a spur or helical gear giving a result of the gear tooth geomotry and sizes.

With the new release we can also now have an output for torque and centre distance for a pair of mating gears. This allow you to have a quick reference guide for choosing a near size or design based on our precision spur and helical gears.

For new projects where you want to optomise your design you can alter pressure angles and profile shift, at Ondrives with our grind from solid process we can make these and more including micro geometry changes for tip root relief, profile modifications and crowning.


to our newly updated Spur Helical Gear calculator.

Gear Calculator

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video demo use of the Ondrives free online Gear Calculator now with Torque and centre distance.

Gear Calculator video