Cube spiral Bevel Gearboxes

04 May 2021

SBC Spiral Bevel Cube Gearbox Reducers.

Our SBC range of spiral bevels gearboxes have been designed to be used in areas for higher loads and cycles than our BLH ranges. Using finish ground spirals and taper roller bearing design in fully synthetic oil wiht high strenght aluminium casings.

The bevel teeth have been designed using our Gleason GEMĀ® in a closed loop with our high accuracy Gleason 280G and 475GMS gear measuring.

Spiral Bevel TCA LTCA 3DGleason Spiral Bevel FEACube Spiral Bevel Gearbox SBC

Our SBC range of spiral bevel gearboxes are available in ratios 1:1 to 5:1. Please take a look for yourselves and these as always are available in special designs as well as the standard desgins.

Link to the SBC range.