BLH30-BLHT30 4.4Nm Ø8-Shafts

Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

Designed and Manufactured by Ondrives at our factory in the UK.

(Part No.)
Gear Ratio [i=]
Output Torque T₂n [Nm]
Output Backlash j
BLH30-11 x Input 1 x Output1:12.20≤0.75°
BLH30-21 x Input 1 x Output2:11.76≤0.75°
BLHT30-11 x Input 2 x Output (Thru Shaft)1:12.20≤0.75°
BLHT30-21 x Input 2 x Output (Thru Shaft)2:11.76≤0.75°
BLH30-1A1 x Input 1 x Output1:12.20≤0.5°
BLH30-2A1 x Input 1 x Output2:11.76≤0.5°
BLHT30-1A1 x Input 2 x Output (Thru Shaft)1:12.20≤0.5°
BLHT30-2A1 x Input 2 x Output (Thru Shaft)2:11.76≤0.5°
BLH30-1AR1 x Input 1 x Output1:12.20≤0.16°
BLH30-2AR1 x Input 1 x Output2:11.76≤0.16°
BLHT30-2AR1 x Input 2 x Output (Thru Shaft)2:11.76≤0.16°
BLHT30-1AR1 x Input 2 x Output (Thru Shaft)1:12.20≤0.16°