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“With a long-established history, Ondrives is a leading manufacturer of precision gears and mechanical components. Through continuous investment and development, the company has built an excellent reputation for quality, reliability, and service. It holds full AS9100 Rev D and ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.”

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“At Ondrives, we strive to keep our customers updated with our latest news and short videos on LinkedIn. As a UK-owned and based company, we manufacture our products and designs in the heart of Derbyshire. Our specialist gear knowledge and experience enable us to assist customers with their needs and designs, from conception through to production. We undertake all projects, with a factory equipped with 40 CNC machines and supporting CAD/CAM, as well as gear specialist software and machines.”

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With our versatile range of machining centres, we are equipped to manufacturer the most complex and intricate components.

Gear Grinding

High accuracy Quality Grade 4e25 DIN 3961/3967 (ISO1328) Q3-4, 0.5Mn – 16Mn up to Ø850mm Spur Helical. Profile modifications include Tip Relief, Root Relief, Tip Chf, Profile Crowning. Lead Modifications include Crowning, Eccentric Crowning, and End Reliefs.

Gear Cutting

Capable of cutting Quality Grade 7e25 DIN 3961/3967 (ISO1328) Spur, Helical, and also Worm Mill and Wormwheel cut. Features Lead crown and auto-load function. 0.4Mn – 4Mn.

Cylindrical & Thread Form Grinding

Grinding <0.003mm runouts, with +/- 0.0025mm tolerances.
<0.4Ra Surface finishes.
Up to Ø350mm and up to 1000mm between centres.

5 Axis Simultaneous Machining

Equipped with 30 Pallets, 145 tools, and Renishaw probing. Capable of precision machining components from solid billets of aluminium and steel. Utilizes 3D CAD and CADCAM software for the machining of complex shapes.

Turning Centers and Multi-Tasking Mill-Turn 5 Axis.

Offers Bar and Billet loading up to Ø900mm. 


Provides Gear Analytical Inspection, Mitutoyo CMM’s. Offers First Article Inspection (F.A.I.) Reports, Measurement Reports, and Material Certificates.

Gear Design

For more advanced designs of spur, helical, worm, and wheel gears, we use industry-leading design software to handle complex problems and conform to industry standards. This software is used in the design of EV Gears, Aerospace, and Rail. We also design spline gear teeth according to DIN 5480.

Spiral Bevel Gear Design

We can produce and optimize Spiral Bevel, Hypoid, and High Ratio Hypoid designs in-house with our GEMS® system. In a closed-loop system with our Gleason 280G bevel grinder and inspection machines, we can manufacture smooth, accurate, and high load capacity teeth.

3D CAD Design

Using our Solidworks 3D CAD platform, we produce models and drawings for production.

Gear Teeth Dimensions

Free Use Online Gear Tooth Calculator - A user-friendly interface that displays the tooth profile in the transverse section and automatically updates with your inputs. This allows you to consider factors such as profile shift, undercutting, and tooth thickness.


By using 3D CAD models in conjunction with our Hypermill CAM platform, we are able to produce tool paths for our factory.

Quality and Precision

Quality and Precision form the core of our operations.

We hold a comprehensive range of certifications across our business, including AS9100D for the aerospace industry. Our staff, who are the backbone of our operations, are trained to a high standard.

Ondrives AS9100D Quality Certificate

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Exhibitions & Events

FIA2024 Farnborough International Airshow

At FIA2024, on 22-26th July 2024, Farnborough International Airshow 2024 Hall 2 Stand 2311 we are getting prepared at Ondrives Ltd for the start of this world recognised major aerospace exhibition for us with the FIA2024 show.

Mach 2026 Exhibition Stand 20-32

“We will be at Mach 2026 as an MTA member, supporting UK (GB) Manufacturing Engineering and its fantastic companies that participate every 2 years. We will be pleased to see you again.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We usually attend several exhibitions throughout the year and look forward to meeting customers old and new.

Yes! We welcome all visitors to our design and production facility. Please get in touch with us to arrange a visit to see who we are and see our production and design office.

Over 3200m2 (35,000 ft2) of Factory and offices in the UK, we offer a close partnership of working using our technical, design and production experience to help with our customer’s requirements.

With our origins in the precision gear industry going back over 80 years, Ondrives has a good pedigree of knowledge, expertise and experience for use with partners in Gear and Gearbox projects.


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Ondrives Ltd, Foxwood Ind. Park, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 9RN, UK

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