Spur Gears and Helical Gears 0.5Mn - 16Mn (Module)  upto Ø850mm.

DIN 3961 - DIN 3967 - DIN 58405 - ISO 1328 ISO 6336 - AGMA 
Meshing Efficiencys approx. nz 98%

Gears and Gearboxes are produced by us Ondrives in the UK we can make to your design and drawing.
Industries where we supply OEM's - Robotics -  AMR's (Autonomous Mobile robots) - AVG's - UAV's - Medical - Semiconductor Manufacturing - Aersospace.

For optimum meshing and torque we are able to make gear profiles and lead with macro and micro geometry suited to your OEM application using our Kisssoft gear design software.
For gear calculations we have our free on-line gear calculator for torque Nm and gear size.

Emag HLC-150H Gear Hobbing CNC