Other Info.

Oil hole (re-greasing fitting) provided at the head and supplied pre-packed with grease.
Further technical information available on request.

Hexagon socket heads are a new design. Customers should note that screwdriver slotted examples may be supplied until old stocks are exhausted. Please check with Sales if this issue is important.

These bearings have a stepped tapered portion on the stud.
When mounting the Cam Follower, it is easy to fix its location by tightening a set screw to the stepped portion.
Thus, this type is suitable when a large number of Cam Followers are used in a machine such as a pallet changer.

Track capacity is defined as the load which can be continuously applied on a Cam Follower placed on a steel cam guide surface without causing any deformation or indentation on the cam guide surface when the outer ring of the cam follower makes contact with the mating cam guide surface (plane). The track load capacities are applicable when the hardness of the mating cam guide surface is 40HRC (Tensile Strength = 1,250Nmm2). When the hardness of the mating cam guide surface differs from 40HRC, the track capacity is obtained by multiplying the value by the track capacity factor shown in the separate table.

If lubrication between the outer ring and the mating cam guide surface is insufficient, seizure and/or wear may occur depending on the application. Therefore, attention must be paid to lubrication and surface roughness of the mating cam guide especially for high-speed rotations such as cam mechanisms.
Allowable Rotational Speed is affected by mounting and operating conditions. The d1n values in general operation under pure radial load are shown below for reference. It is recommended to use 1⁄10 of the table values in actual applications taking account of axial loads that may be applied.

d x n Values where d = Stud Diameter (mm) and n = Number of Rotations per minute (Rpm)
Max d x n Values With cage Type = 84,000 dn (with grease lubricant); Full Complement Type = 42,000 dn (with grease lubricant).