Perpendicularity of Bearing Surface: 0.07.

Thread Accuracy: ISO 6H (JIS Class 2).

Other Info.

Construction & Function: FU-SS locknuts are one piece items where the locking function is performed by a spring peened into the top of the nut. In use, the spring bears on the flank of the shaft thread with force (P) generating reaction force (P*) in the screw threads with a resulting high friction torque (prevailing torque). The nut therefore remains locked in position.


FU-SC Type (High Carbon Steel S45C-H or equivalent), and
FU-SUS Type (304 Stainless Steel or equivalent) available, P.O.A.
FU-SC Type also available in larger sizes: FU21SC to FU30SC (M105 to M150), P.O.A.

Socket Tools, P.O.A.