Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +80°C

Other Info.

Supplied without integral wipers
(1) For rated travel life of 100km. For longer travel lives, reduce load to W x (100/Life)0.33 where (km) is the required travel life. Do not exceed the Dynamic Load Rating for travel life of less than 100km.
(2) The load Limit is the maximum load that may be applied to a bearing/shaft. It is important to analyse the application so that peak and/or shock do not exceed the Load Limit.
(3) The load capacities W. and WR are valid for a resultant load applied at 90° with the ball tracks orientated as shown in the polar graphs. If the resultant acts along another direction, the appropriate multiplicative correction factor KO, should be applied to W and WR respectively.
Open type bearings have reduced load capacities when used in pull-off situations.
(4) Internal bearing diameter is affected by the housing bore.
(5) Hole for anti-rotation pin is below centreline.

For a corrosion resistant bearing add suffix CR to the part number and reduce the load capacity by 30%.
Add suffix W for one or WW for two integral wipers. P.O.A.

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