Other Info.

Straightness due to extruding may be as high as 1mm per metre. 0.1mm per metre is available on request, but this is usually for short lengths or machined ends. After machining, re-straightening and lapping may be necessary, especially if more than one bush per shaft is to be used.
Static Torque figure should only be used as a guide. Torque capacity is dependant on length for torsional twist, nut material, application and duty. Customers should test thoroughly to obtain the best rating capacity figures.
Steel onto steel bush is for positional use only and not for sliding under load.
Steel onto bronze bush is okay for intermittent sliding under load.
For continuous cycles of sliding under load, use ballsplines e.g. LSAG design.

For more definitive figures, please provide the following information: speed, duty, cycles (application) and length of spline unit etc. Even then you will still need to test under your application conditions and back-up with your own calculations to make sure you are happy you have chosen the correct parts.